Do Different Airlines Have Different Dimension Restrictions for Luggage?


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Airline carriers fly different types of aircraft, with varying weight and size restrictions for luggage, so each firm calculates the luggage dimensions that fit best in its planes. International and domestic luggage requirements may also be different within the same airline.

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Most airlines have their baggage dimensions listed on their websites. For example, American Airlines has a baggage allowance page on AA.com with requirements for travel within the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, Mexico and the Caribbean.

If passengers are flying on American planes for the entire journey, the requirements remain the same. American Airlines does code share with U.S. Airways, which means that though the airline ticket says "American" the passenger may board a U.S. Airways plane. The latter company has different dimension and weight baggage requirements.

Following the carrier restrictions with the smallest dimensions can avoid oversize baggage fees, or the need to check carry-on luggage that's too big for the smaller aircraft. A link to U.S. Airway's requirements is provided at the top of the American baggage allowance page.

Some private websites, such as Flying with Fish, FlyingWithFish.boardingarea.com, have compiled lists of the different luggage size and weight dimensions found among carriers. These lists are great for a general comparison, but since the rules change frequently, passengers should check with the airline they are flying on.

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