Where Did the Original Hawaiians Come From?

did-original-hawaiians-come Credit: Lise Gagne/E+/Getty Images

The original Hawaiians were Polynesians who set out as explorers of many islands within the Pacific Ocean. Archaeological evidence points to them arriving on the Hawaiian islands somewhere between 800 and 1,000 A.D. Furthermore, evidence also suggests that Hawaiians are from Marquesas or another East Polynesian island.

Polynesians brought plants and animals with them on their explorations. The bringing of seedlings and seed stock helped as although they discovered lots of fishing potential, there were not many edible plants. According to Hawaii State Parks, early Hawaiians cultivated bananas, coconuts, taro, breadfruit and other flora for food use. In time the early Hawaiians built field systems, developed fish ponds and devised other land-management techniques to increase and maintain food productivity.