How Did Louisiana Get Its Nickname?

did-louisiana-its-nickname Credit: Getty Images/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Louisiana is referred to as "The Pelican State" because of the large numbers of brown pelicans that live along its coastline. The brown pelican, the official state bird, is present on the state's flag and its great seal. It's also one of the three symbols on the U.S. Mint's state quarter.

Louisiana's most common nickname is "The Pelican State," but there are several other names used to describe it. It's been called "The Bayou State" because of the slow streams of water that flow through it. Louisiana is also called "The Sugar State" because of its large production of sugar-cane crops. A large portion of Louisiana land was made by silt deposits from the Mississippi River. Because of this, some call it "The Child of the Mississippi." With a nod to the many residents of Louisiana who can claim French or Spanish ancestry, "The Creole State" nickname pays homage to their rich cultural heritage. Because of its variety of outdoor recreational activities, Louisiana has earned the nickname of "Sportsman's Paradise" on the state's license plate. Those who prefer fishing as their outdoor recreation call it "Fisherman's Paradise," and the state's vast waterways have earned it the title of "The Holland of America."