How Did Germany Get Its Name?

Ingmar Wesemann/Photolibrary/Getty Images

The name “Germany” comes from the Latin “Germania,” which was used to describe barbarian tribes in north-eastern Gaul. Germans refer to their country as Deutschland, which comes from an old High German word meaning “of the people.”

Accroding to Global Edge by the University of Michigan, Germany is a collection of several related tribes that have given their respective kingdoms different titles. As a result, Germany has been known by many names throughout its history. Julius Caesar first used the word “Germanus” when referring to tribes he encountered in his conquests. Since Ceasar’s time, words related to “German” have been used to describe the peoples of Prussia, Saxony, Bavaria and others.

“Deutsch,” the name by which Germans know themselves, is ultimately derived from a Proto Indo-European word that means “people.”