How Did Father Hidalgo Rally the Mexican People?


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Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla rallied the Mexican people in the town of Dolores by ringing the church bell and giving a fiery sermon calling for revolt. This event, called the Cry of Dolores, or Grito de Dolores in Spanish, occurred on September 16. 1810. This date is celebrated as Mexican Independence Day.

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How Did Father Hidalgo Rally the Mexican People?
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Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla originally conspired with other Creoles to secure more rights for their social class, but his appeal resonated with the masses of natives and mestizos, who flocked to his cause. Marching from Dolores, the army surged due to Father Hidalgo's revolutionary message and passionate delivery. His status as an official in the Roman Catholic Church also inspired confidence, giving the revolution a spiritual dimension that animated the crowds. The army, which now numbered around 80,000 men, marched as far as the suburbs of Mexico City, winning the battle of Battle of Monte de las Cruces, but then turned back, a strategic move that continues to puzzle historians today. Sadly, after a few victories, his army and his leadership faltered. Eventually, one of Father Hidalgo's own generals put him under arrest, and soon afterward another ally betrayed him to the Spanish, who executed him. The dream of an independent Spain did not become a reality until 1821.

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