What Is a Dialysis Cruise?


A dialysis cruise is a services that provides dialysis aboard its ships so that patients can continue to take cruises. Dialysis at Sea Cruises was founded in 1977 and is one of the largest providers of dialysis equipment for cruises. In addition, trained professionals are available to assist patients and their families on the cruise.

Dialysis is used when a patient is in kidney failure, typically defined as when 85 to 90 percent of kidney function is lost. Dialysis works by cleaning the blood to control blood pressure, keep potassium and sodium at safe levels and remove waste from the body. Hemodialysis can take 4 hours and is generally given three times a week.

Dialysis at Sea staffs each dialysis cruise with a board eligible and certified nephrologist and at least two English-speaking nurses trained in dialysis. Patients can contact the medical staff at any time for assistance. The company uses the Fresenius 2008K, as of 2015, for dialysis, which allows staff to match the dialysis treatment a patient receives at home. In addition, dining staff prepares meals suited for a dialysis patient's needs.

Dialysis at Sea accepts a maximum of 16 patients on each cruise. Patients meet for orientation on the first day of the cruise to meet the medical staff and other dialysis travelers.