How Do You Develop Quizzes Using World Maps?


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Some ideas for developing quizzes using world maps are having students label countries, continents and oceans or, for advanced students, partitioning a current world map to reflect the territory of major world empires at a specified time in history. While it is not required to administer a quiz, many teachers print blank versions of world maps for quizzes, some without country names and others without borders.

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World maps can also be used as a resource in a standard multiple-choice or short-answer quiz format. For example, an instructor could attach a world map without country names to a quiz and present the question "What are the names of the three nations that border Lebanon?" World maps are not only useful for history and geography quizzes; a geology professor might ask students to draw a rough sketch of the Pacific Ring of Fire, or an English literature might ask students to circle all of the countries in which a John Steinbeck novel took place.

A common quiz in geography courses involves students drawing borders on a completely blank world map or labeling all Canadian and Russian Arctic islands. Students might also be given latitude and longitude coordinates and instructed to draw a point on the map, or to draw a vertical line for a specified time zone.

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