How Do You View a Detailed Map of Vietnam?

Google Maps, Bing Maps and Mapquest provide detailed maps of Vietnam that are free to view online. Both sites provide extra information along with the maps, such as directions and business locations. The University of Texas offers scanned paper maps of Vietnam.

Google Maps lets you search for specific locations and addresses in Vietnam, as well as for general terms such as "Coffee in Hanoi, Vietnam." The Earth tool at the bottom right of the window displays a satellite view of an area, with the map and location markers overlaid.

Google Maps also lets you plan routes and directions between two locations and contains transit and terrain information.

Bing Maps includes similar functionality to Google Maps, along with the Bird's Eye View feature that displays an isometric view of the country.

Mapquest's maps of Vietnam are slightly less detailed, but the toolbar included on the website makes searching for hotels, food and other amenities simple.

The University of Texas Library website contains a number of scanned maps of Vietnam and its cities. The types of national maps include shaded relief style maps, physiography maps and maps of administrative divisions. Scanned maps of a number of cities are available, as are navigation charts and topographic maps. The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, among other agencies, created the maps.