What Best Describes "Oceania"?

Oceania refers to the geographical region of the tropical Pacific Ocean comprised of Australia, Polynesia and surrounding islands. Oceania also has a second meaning that refers to a fictional nation-state depicted in George Orwell's novel 1984.

The real-world version of Oceania has no official borders. The United States government recognizes many separate island nations and territories within the region, including Austrailia, New Zealand, Fiji and American Samoa. Oceania is often considered a continent or a continental region based on the similar geographical and ecological systems found in the tropical regions surrounding Australia and New Zealand. Because many such tropical islands have ecological systems that have evolved in isolation of each other, this region has some of the most verdant and diverse biological ecosystems on the planet.

The fictional version of Oceania is one of three global superpowers and the home of protagonist Winston Smith. The oppressive government, known as The Party, is led by a figurehead known as Big Brother. This government controls all written information, continuously whittles down the dictionary to restrict the expression of new ideas and also engages in perpetual warfare with two rivalling superpowers, Eurasia and Eastasia. In this vision of a dystopian Cold War future, Oceania is comprised of present-day Europe, the British Isles and the Americas.