What Are Some Demographic Facts About Green Bay, WI?


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According to the 2010 Census, there were 104,057 residents in Green Bay, which showed an increase of 1,744 residents in ten years. The US Census Bureau provides many demographic facts about Green Bay, Wisconsin and is the official source for such data.

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The 2010 census data revealed that he median age of Green Bay residents was 33.7 years – a slight increase from 33.2 years in 2000. There were 51,359 male residents, with a median age of 32.9 years, and 52,698 female residents, with a median age of 34.6 years. The age range with the largest population was 20 to 24 years for males, females and the total population, with 4,285, 4,555 and 8,840 residents, respectively.

Of the 104,057 Green Bay residents, 100,823 were of one race and 3,234 were of two or more races. White residents comprised 77.9 percent of the population with 81,075 individuals; Native Americans made up 4.1 percent of the population with 4,241 residents; Asians comprised 4.0 percent of the population with 4,210; and Black residents accounted for 3.5 percent of the population with 3,691 resident. The Hispanic or Latino category consisted of 13,896 individuals, ranking at 13.4 percent of the total population. Visit the U.S. Census Bureau FactFinder website for the complete demographic data set.

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