How Do You Find Delta Last-Minute Deals?

To find Delta last-minute deals, sign up for an account at and set up notifications for last-minute deals, as of 2015. Delta and other airlines also occasionally post last-minute deals on social media sites such as Twitter and FaceBook.

To sign up for Delta's last-minute deals emails, visit the home page and click Sign Up Now. On the Create An Account page, enter your basic information and contact information. Set up your login information and language preference. Under Notification Preferences, make sure that Last-Minute Updates is selected, and choose either your phone number or email address from that drop-down menu. Click Complete to finish the sign-up process.

The most common days for airlines to release last-minute deals are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and Delta's deals are typically for trips that leave Saturday and return on Monday or Tuesday. The flights with the earliest and latest departure times tend to be the cheapest. The best way for travelers to take advantage of deals is by being flexible, as last-minute deals are usually for a specific route.

Delta also offers Delta SkyMiles, its rewards program. Members of this program receive SkyMiles promotions and loyalty offers in addition to last-minute update emails.

Delta members can unsubscribe from promotional emails at any time. After the request is made, emails usually stop within 10 days.