How Does Delta Assign Seats?

Most Delta customers choose their seats when purchasing a ticket. Basic Economy customers are assigned seats by Delta and receive a seat assignment after check-in. These seat assignments are random, and there is no guarantee that members of a group are seated together.

Chosen seat assignments for non-Basic Economy fares can be changed on Delta’s website prior to check-in. These fares are also eligible to purchase fare upgrades, or to receive free upgrades from elite status. Basic Economy customers are not eligible to receive these upgrades, and cannot make any changes to the flight itinerary after purchase. Basic Economy fares are not refundable.

Customers who choose their seats at the time of purchase may be reassigned to different seats on the flight. This occurs when a customer with a disability needs the originally assigned seat. This is most common with bulkhead seats. Seat assignment accommodations like this are only offered to customers with disabilities.

Preferred seating and Delta Comfort+ seating may not be assigned to Basic Economy customers, even if these seats are available during the flight. These preferred seating options are available to all other fare classes through either paid or free upgrades. Basic Economy fares are also the last to board and exit the aircraft and cannot purchase priority boarding upgrades.