What Are Delaware's Crops?

Delaware's crops include corn, soybeans, wheat, barley, hay and a variety of vegetables. Corn is the state's main crop, bringing in more than $70 million in marketing receipts in 2010, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Soybeans and fresh vegetables totaled about $120 million combined for the same period. Delaware is also a major producer of broiler chicken, which is the state's most valuable farm product.

Farmland makes up 40 percent of Delaware's land area. Although the farms only average about 80 hectares each, the state's land is extremely productive and efficient. This is because Delaware is on a level coastal plain. It enjoys hot summers, and the mountains in Pennsylvania protect the farmlands from extreme winter weather. Fruit and vegetable crops thrive thanks to the state's good climate and sandy soil. Sussex and Kent Counties are among the top producers of vegetables in the country.

The rich, sandy soil in Delaware is called Greenwich, and this is the official soil of the state. It is composed of a brown loam topsoil, a 10-inch thick plow layer and a strong brown and yellowish brown loam subsoil. The National Resources Conservation Service has categorized it as a Prime Farmland Soil, the most productive soil for forestry and agriculture and also the most suitable soil for construction.