What Are Some Deep-Sea Fishing Trips?


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A good rule of thumb when deep-sea fishing is to cast lines in areas where seabirds have been feeding, since the smaller fish they target are likely to have attracted larger fish below the surface. Driftwood and other debris are also likely to attract large game fish. Fishing close to reefs is another tip for deep-sea fishing, since the abundance of small fish in these habitats tends to attract large fish.

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Some deep-sea fishing tips apply to finding specific species. For example, when fishing for yellowfin tuna, it is a good idea to look for dolphins since the two species often school together.

A more general tip is to use a circle hook when deep-sea fishing. As well as being less painful for the fish by hooking the lip rather than the gut, the gap and reverse point of a circle hook helps to ensure a larger catch. Good rods for deep-sea fishing are 6 or 7-foot medium action offshore fishing rods and 6-foot medium-heavy bottom fishing rods. The best bait depends on the type of fishing. For deep-sea trolling for sailfish, for example, live goggle eyes or threadfin herring are suitable, while the bait most suited to deep-sea bottom fishing for grouper is cut squid or grunt.

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