What Are Some Facts About the Danube River?


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The Danube is the second longest river in Europe, stretching 1,785 miles. It starts from the Black Forest in Germany and flows into the Black Sea. The Danube river runs through or along the border of ten different countries, including Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine and Romania.

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The Danube river flows through four major capital cities: Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and Belgrade. The delta of the Danube, which is the land that forms at the mouth of a river near where the river enters a larger body of water, is the second largest in the world.

The Danube plays a vital role in the everyday lives of Europeans and supplies drinking water to millions of people. The river is an important shipping route for Europe, connecting the Atlantic Ocean to the Black Sea. Its width and depth allow large shipping vessels to pass through.

The Danube river is home to over 200 species of fish. This high quantity of fish made the Danube River a valuable food source in the Middle Ages. The Danube was navigated by Greek sailors in the seventh century, was the northern border of the Roman Empire and has been an inspiration for many artists.

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