How Do You Find the Current Possum Kingdom Lake Level?


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Several websites provide the daily water level of Possum Kingdom Lake, including waterdatafortexas.org, possumkingdom.uslakes.info and possumkingdomtexas.com. These sites state the daily water level and display graphs showing levels and the percentage full.

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The sites display slight variations in the Possum Kingdom Lake reservoir's normal maximum operating elevation of 999 feet to 1000 feet.

Waterdatafortexas.org offers additional information about Possum Kingdom Lake, including percent full, water level, height above conservation pool, reservoir storage, conservation storage, conservation capacity and surface area, as well as historical and statistical information. Historical information dates back to 1946.

Possumkingdom.uslakes.info has an interactive graphic that displays water level data from the past six months and for a chosen date. Data is shown for the current year as well as that of the past two years atop the water level table. The water level change since the prior day is also displayed. This website is linked to Lakesonline.com, which contains information including community, boating, fishing, maps, visiting, rentals, real estate, business and forums.

Possumkingdomtexas.com provides an interactive graphic showing water level data, including the current and past two years, as well as current weather conditions, weather forecast and a daily fishing report. This website contains additional information and links to a map, local news, photographs, real estate, lodging, marinas, fishing and camping.

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