What Are Some Cruises for Christian Singles?


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As of December 2015, the leading provider of cruises for Christian singles is All Christian Cruises. The company has its own website as well as working with several cruise booking companies, and it sells cruises with a range of themes and destinations.

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One of the reasons that All Christian Cruises is the main provider of Christian singles cruises is its roommate matching service, which allows single travelers to benefit from discounts normally only available to couples. This service is included in the cost of the trip. It also organizes ministry and worship sessions throughout each cruise, as well as events to allow travelers to meet other Christians in fellowship and friendship.

Some Christian singles cruises have more specific themes, such as the October 2016 Brothers Forever cruise, which features performances by the band and additional music- and song-themed ministry. Cruises for Christian singles over the Valentine's Day period are also popular.

Some Christian singles' organizations run one or more cruises each year for their members, though their reach is not as broad as the dedicated cruise businesses and they do not offer as much variety. For example, the Black Christian Singles Ministry offers a 12-night European cruise for Christian singles of African ancestry, and Equally Yoked, a social club for Christian singles, also arranges cruises for members.

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