What Are Some Crops Grown in Arkansas?

Some crops grown in Arkansas include rice, cotton and soybeans. Wheat is another crop that’s grown in Arkansas. Timber, both soft and hardwood, is also grown in the state.

Rice is the number one crop grown in Arkansas and accounts for over half of the rice that’s grown in the United States. The total adds up to over 9 billion pounds of rice harvested from close to 2 million acres. Rice is a semi-aquatic crop requiring a great deal of water. Farmers in Arkansas often use levee systems to irrigate their rice fields. Rice is usually planted from late winter to mid-spring in Arkansas.

About 3 million acres of Arkansas farmland are devoted to soybeans, which are used in everything from flour, margarine and oil to glue, wood substitute and fuel. Soybeans are also famously turned into soy milk and tofu. In the 2010 to 2011 harvest, Arkansas produced about 110 million bushels of this versatile legume.

Wheat is also grown extensively in Arkansas. About 80,000 acres of Arkansas farmland is dedicated to wheat, mostly in the delta region. Unlike other crops, wheat is planted in the fall, allowed to mature over the winter and finally harvested in June.

Another important crop in Arkansas is cotton, which is utilized for a number of textiles. Cotton is planted in the spring and harvested throughout the fall months.