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Croatia is known for its varied geography, which includes the Dinaric Alps, forested hills and wetlands. Its culture emphasizes the arts and stems from a combination of eastern and western influences. Politically, Croatia is a parliamentary democracy, and its major trade partners include Germany, Italy, Bosnia and Slovenia.

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The Republic of Croatia, as the nation is formally titled, lies in southeast Europe along the Adriatic Sea, directly to the north and west of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Its capital city is Zagreb, which is a popular tourist destination. Croatia joined the European Union in 2013, and simultaneously adopted the euro as its currency.

Tourism is common in Croatia, and it accounted for about 20 percent of the nation's GDP as of 2011. Holiday resorts along the Adriatic Sea are common destinations among tourists, and many people visit Zlatni Rat Beach on Brac Island. Some visitors also explore the nation's canyons, such as the Krka canyon, which contains several caves and is home to a variety of unique invertebrate species.

The architecture, represented by buildings such as the Trogir Cathedral and Cathedral of Saint James, exhibits a keen dedication to the arts. The people of Croatia are known as Croats, and more than 95 percent of them speak Croatian as their first language.

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