What Are Some of the Creepiest Old Graveyards Around the World?


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From carved tombstones at The Merry Graveyard in Romania to legends at the Okuno-In Cemetery in Japan, there are many creepy graveyards around the world. Other cemeteries on this list include the Capela dos Ossos in Portugal; the Garden of Hope Cemetery in Massachusetts; and the Capuchin Crypt in Italy.

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In the suburbs of Chicago, a young girl with blond hair and blue eyes is rumored to hitchhike wearing a formal party dress. As the story goes, she always asks to be let out of the vehicle at the Resurrection Cemetery, whereupon she disappears among the tombstones. This ghost story persists, thus leading to the creepy factor of the graveyard.

As if having open graves and exposed bones weren't enough to land the La Nora Cemetery in Chile on the creepy list, the locals report seeing the ghosts of children from the burial grounds sitting in abandoned classrooms, appearing as though they're attending class.

Listed among the Seven Portals of Hell in numerous haunting guidebooks and purportedly one of America's most haunted places, the Stull Cemetery in Kansas is commonly referred to as one of the creepiest graveyards in the world. According to popular lore, if someone knocks on a rock in the church’s rubble pile, the Devil will respond.

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