How Do You Create a Printable Mileage Log?

To create a printable mileage log, go to a website offering a template such as or and click on the link to download and print the log. Taxpayers should become familiar with the most recent tax laws regarding mileage expenses before calculating the deduction, notes

Use the steps below to create a printable mileage log.

  1. Go to a financial website
  2. Go to in an internet browser. Click on Biz Deductions in the left-hand column of the screen.

  3. View the options
  4. Click on Mileage Log Sheet to view information and mileage log templates. As of 2015, the options available are a PDF file for printing and a spreadsheet file that can also be downloaded to a computer.

  5. Confirm the information
  6. Confirm that the mileage log contains the information needed to take a deduction. As of 2015, the IRS requires that taxpayers record the miles traveled, destination and business purpose in a daily log.

  7. Make the necessary changes
  8. If the mileage log is missing any needed columns, open the spreadsheet file and make the appropriate changes before printing.

  9. Print the mileage log
  10. Click on the link for the desired option to open the file, then click on Print to print a paper copy of the log.