How Do You Create a Color-Coded Map of Texas Counties?


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Create a color-coded map of Texas counties at DIYMaps.com. This website features a tool allowing you to create up to six groups of counties and assign a color and title to each group. You can then save the map on your computer in GIF format.

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At DIYMaps.com, click the Texas link near the bottom of the main page. Type a title for your map in the Enter a Title For Your Map box near the top of the page. Select a color for the first group of counties on the Select Group I's Shading drop-down menu, and then type a title for Group I in the Enter a Label for Group I box. Repeat this process for as many groups as you desire, up to six groups, selecting a different color for each group. Select a text color on the Select the Color You Want For Text drop-down menu.

Select which counties to assign to each group in the Now Select the Counties section. For example, in the Group I Counties sub-section, hold down the Control key on your keyboard while clicking counties on the Group I counties menu to highlight them in blue. Repeat this process for the other groups, and then click the Draw the Map button to create the map. Click the blue highlighted Here link to display the map in your browser. To save the image on your computer, right-click on the image and select Save Picture As or Save As, depending on your browser.

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