How Do You Get Coupons to the North Carolina Zoo?

The North Carolina Zoo offers coupons and promotional deals through its Facebook page. Users who click the “like” button receive access to these offers. The zoo also offers discounts to groups, zoo members and visitors with young children.

The North Carolina Zoo offers discounted admission to groups of 15 or more visitors. Each group member receives a $2 discount; however, groups must purchase tickets at least 14 days before the visit to qualify for the reduced price.

The North Carolina Zoo also offers coupons called Fun Tickets as part of its Combo Pass promotion. Visitors who purchase Combo Passes between April and October receive four Fun Ticket coupons. These grant free entry to zoo attractions such as Acacia Station and the Dino 4-D Theater. Visitors may also use these coupons to visit the dinosaur exhibit.

North Carolina Zoo members receive many discounts at the zoo, at the gift shop and at over 150 other zoos. Membership benefits include one year of free admission and a 10 percent discount at the gift shop. Members also receive free or half-price admission to affiliated zoos and aquariums.

The North Carolina Zoo sells tickets and memberships at its entrance gates. Visitors may also purchase them over the phone or online.