How Do You Find Coupons for 105 Airport Parking?

How Do You Find Coupons for 105 Airport Parking?

Customers wishing to locate coupons and discounts for 105 Airport Parking can do so on the parking lot's official website or by "liking" the company on Facebook. Coupons can also be found by searching sites such as Groupon and Airport Parking Reservations. 105 Airport Parking offers 24-hour parking to visitors of Los Angeles International Airport.

By using the following steps, customers can find the most current coupons and discounts for 105 Airport Parking.

  1. Visit the website
  2. Visit the official website for 105 Airport Parking. Click on "Rates" at the top left of the page to display discounts and rates.

  3. View the coupons
  4. View a list of current coupons, discounts and rates for the parking lot. For example, there may be a special Internet-only rate for self-parking and valet parking.

  5. Like on Facebook
  6. Go to the 105 Airport Parking Facebook page and click "Like" to receive discounts and other special offers.

  7. Visit coupon websites
  8. If the 105 Airport Parking website and Facebook page do not have coupons available, go to a general coupon website, such as Airport Parking Reservations. Search for "Los Angeles Airport Parking" to view a list of parking lot coupons.

  9. Repeat steps as needed
  10. Coupons may not always be available, so repeat the steps on a regular basis to determine whether new coupons have been added.