Which Country Is Bigger, North Korea or South Korea?

country-bigger-north-korea-south-korea Credit: omer sukru goksu/E+/Getty Images

The total area of North Korea is approximately 46,000 square miles, which makes it bigger than South Korea, which has an approximate area of 39,000 miles. South Korea claims sovereignty over islands totaling 46 acres, but this ownership is contested by Japan.

North Korea occupies 55 percent of the Korean peninsula, and South Korea occupies the other 45 percent. North Korea has 1,550 miles of coastline, and South Korea’s coastline is 1,499 miles long. Less than 1 percent of South Korea’s area consists of water, while nearly 5 percent of North Korea’s area is water. Both countries claim a territorial sea of 12 nautical miles and a 200-mile economic zone.