Which Countries Were Most Effected by the Lufthansa Airlines Strike?


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The series of strikes by pilots of Lufthansa Airlines between 2013 and 2015 affected, at one time or another, both domestic travel within Germany and international flights to other regions of continental Europe. They also halted flights to areas outside of continental Europe, such as Dublin and the Emirates.

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Lufthansa Airlines is a German-based company, and so the strikes seriously affected flights both to and from airports in Frankfort and Munich. The strikes also put heavy pressure on those countries with a significant number of flights into Germany. Unlike those traveling domestically within Germany, who during some the strikes received train tickets to reach their destinations, international travelers had to either wait or find another airline.

Referring to a statement made by a Lufthansa spokesperson, Al-Jazeera's strike report on March 19, 2015 stated that a 2015 strike had succeeded in grounding a little over half of the airline's 1,400 domestic and European flights coming to and from Munich and Frankfurt. This strike purportedly affected around 80,000 passengers. It was just one of dozens that had been affecting Lufthansa for the previous year or so. A strike in April of 2013 succeeded in grounding the majority of Lufthansa's domestic and European flights for a time.

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