What Countries Have Rainforests?

Countries that have rainforests include the United States, Mexico, Belize and Indonesia. Other countries that have rainforests are Cameroon, Burma, Malaysia and the Philippines. Australia and Papua New Guinea also have rainforests. Rainforests are also found in the United Kingdom, Georgia, Russia, Japan, Korea and New Zealand.

Turkey, Norway, China and Taiwan also have rainforests.

Rainforests are forests that receive a great deal of rainfall every year, so the vegetation found there is lush. There are often abundant amounts of fauna as well. Tropical rainforests are those found in the area around the equator and in the area between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. Temperatures there are warm all year round, and there are only two seasons: a dry season and a wet season.

Rainforests found in more temperate areas, such as Scotland and Norway, are less common than tropical rainforests. Some examples of temperate rainforests are found in the state of Washington in the Quinault, Hoh and Queets valleys. The temperature in these forests rarely dips below freezing but rarely climbs above 80 degrees. Since they are close to the Pacific coast, they receive rainfall that is measured in feet.

As of 2015, tropical rainforests comprised only around 7 percent of the Earth’s surface.