What Countries Can You Go to With RCI Points?

What Countries Can You Go to With RCI Points?

A U.S. member wishing to use his points to go abroad in North America may visit countries such as Mexico, Canada and various Caribbean islands. RCI also has resorts on every continent except Antarctica, according to the RCI's official website.

In Central America, according to RCI, destinations include Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala and Panama. Travelers wishing to venture further south may choose from such countries as Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Venezuela and Peru.

RCI's website indicates European resorts in Spain, France, Portugal and the United Kingdom, among other locations. Destinations on the African continent include Egypt, Lebanon, Kenya and South Africa. In Asia, travelers may use their points to visit China, Thailand, Indonesia or Japan. Australia and various South Pacific islands are also popular destinations.

RCI says that their resorts come in a variety of types including beach resorts, casinos and health spas. Vacationers looking for a setting on the water may also select a lake resort, which may be found, for example, in Switzerland, Italy or Canada. Skiers may find resorts to their liking in Belgium, Germany or New Zealand.

Resorts may provide a variety of amenities, as described on RCI's website. These include laundry service, health clubs, spas and pools. Many destinations are all-inclusive; however, specific amenities vary by resort.