What Countries Border Jamaica?

countries-border-jamaica Credit: Doug Pearson/AWL Images/Getty Images

No countries border Jamaica; it is an island. The countries nearest to Jamaica are Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. These islands are part of the Greater Antilles, which also include the Cayman Islands and Puerto Rico, which is part of the United States.

Jamaica is 4,240 square miles in area and has a population of a little under 3 million people as of 2014. Though Jamaica has been an independent country since 1962, it is still a member of the Commonwealth with Queen Elizabeth II as its head of state. She is represented by Patrick Allen, the governor general. As of 2014, the Prime Minister of Jamaica is Portia Simpson-Miller. The legislative body of Jamaica is the Parliament, which like the United States Congress, is made up of a Senate and a House of Representatives.

Jamaica was first populated by the Arawak Indians, but they were extirpated after the arrival of the Spanish beginning in the 15th century. In 1655, the English invaded Jamaica and came into possession of it under the Treaty of Madrid in 1670. By the 18th century, Jamaica was a leading slave and sugar market, though both markets declined after the American Revolutionary War. Slavery was abolished on the island in 1834.