What Countries and Bodies of Water Border Israel?

countries-bodies-water-border-israel Credit: Elan Fleisher/LOOK/Getty Images

Egypt borders Israel on to the southwest, while Jordan borders Israel to the south and partially to the east, and Lebanon borders Israel to the north. The Mediterranean Sea borders Israel to the northwest, while the Dead Sea and Jordan River run through the border of Israel and Jordan. Lake Tiberias separates Israel from the tip of Syria.

Thought to be the geographic region of Canaan to which the Israelites fled after fleeing Egypt, Israel is a considered to be a sacred nation to Christians, Jews and Muslims. The capital city of Israel is Jerusalem, which has a population of just over 1 million.

The nation of Israel was created in 1948 as a homeland for Jews who had been displaced as a result of World War II. The creation of Israel was controversial, however, because the region was already populated by Palestinians, most of whom were Muslim.

As of 2014, about 76 percent of the population is of Jewish decent. Proportionately, about 75 percent of the population identify themselves as members of the Jewish faith. The official language is Hebrew. Israel continues to be the center of controversy, however, with tensions between those of Jewish decent and the Palestinians who still inhabit the area.