What Are Some Facts About Costa Rica for Kids?


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Costa Rica, or the Republic of Costa Rica, has nearly 5 million citizens as of 2015 and is about 20,000 square miles in size. This small country, only the size of West Virginia, is not only rich in nature and history, but boasts a colorful culture as well.

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What Are Some Facts About Costa Rica for Kids?
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Costa Rica is located in Central America just north of Panama. On its west coast lies the Pacific Ocean with the Caribbean Sea to the east. This country has mountainous terrain and a large number of forests including the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, a tropical forest with low cloud coverage. In fact, the Monteverde Cloud Forest is the largest cloud forest in Central America with thousands of species of plant life and hundreds of other organisms from reptiles and amphibians to rodents, wolves, cats and primates. There are other species of animals and plants throughout the country, including about 1,200 kinds of orchids, the country's national flower. More than one-fourth of Costa Rica is protected in refuges, national parks and reserves.

Costa Rica has a colorful culture that celebrates dozens of holidays and festivals throughout the year, many of which have religious significance such as Holy Week. Soccer is one of the most-popular pastimes, played by adults and children alike.

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