What Is the Cost of Living Index for Cities in Canada?


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As of 2015, Expatistan assigns the highest cost of living index value in Canada, 208, to Charlottetown, and the lowest, 111, to Trois-Rivières. Vancouver has an index of 184, while Winnipeg is lower at 154. Toronto's cost of living index is relatively high, at 194.

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The cost of living index is a comparative tool that requires a central reference city in order to assign values to other cities in the world; in this case, Prague is the central reference city. Travelers interpret Winnipeg's score of 154 to mean that living in Winnipeg is 54 percent more expensive than living in Prague.

Expensive cities in Canada include St. Johns, with a cost of living index of 195, and Calgary, with a slightly lower value of 191. Inexpensive cities include Windsor, with a low cost of living index of 119, and Sherbrooke, with a value of 127. Canada also features mid-priced cities such as Montreal, Halifax and Saskatoon, with scores of 158, 165 and 169, respectively. The cost of living index tends to be higher in major metropolitan areas, and lower in the suburban cities that surround them, as evidenced by the 46 point difference between Vancouver, 184, and neighboring Abbotsford, 138.

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