What Is Cornwall, England Like?

Cornwall, England is located on a peninsula in the far west of Great Britain, and most of it is surrounded by the ocean. Cornwall is especially known for its beaches and coastline, which allow for excellent fishing, surfing and water sports.

Cornwall, England boasts exceptionally green countrysides, some which contain the remnants of past Celtic cultures. Near the ocean, there are many white seaside villages. Other natural points of note include steep cliffs near the ocean and subtropical gardens. The majority of the roads in Cornwall, England are very narrow, so it is important to drive cautiously. At times, vehicles may need to back up to make room for other motorists to pass.

Cornwall, England is rich with history. The Penzance Cross is one of the most famous Celtic crosses in Cornwall. St. Michael's Mount is a unique location that has been a place for trading tin, a pilgrimage site and a military fortress in the past. Various locations throughout Cornwall also offer excellent walking trails,

Cornwall, England is known for its excellent food and art scene. The people in Cornwall are generally friendly and warm. The best time to visit is toward the end of spring or the beginning of summer, as Cornwall has exceptionally beautiful gardens at this time.