Who Controls Jerusalem Today?

controls-jerusalem-today Credit: Jeremy Woodhouse/Blend Images/Getty Images

Jerusalem is controlled by the state of Israel as of 2014, according to the Jewish Virtual Library. Jewish inhabitants of the city make up roughly two-thirds of its 1 million population. The rest of its population includes mostly Arabs, Muslims, a few Christians, and other religious and ethnic minorities. Jerusalem was described as the capital of Israel by King David more than 3,000 years ago.

The city of Jerusalem is of great significance to the Jewish faith as it holds the Western Wailing Wall, which is the last remaining link to the ancient Temple. Since the end of the Second World War, control of Jerusalem has fluctuated, and the city's borders have been redrawn many times. The United Nations wanted the city to be internationalized, but several Muslim countries strongly condemned this.

In 1948, Jordan invaded Jerusalem and began occupying the eastern area of the city. For the first time in history, the city was divided. Many Jews were driven out and forced into exile as a result. Until 1967, control of Jerusalem was shared between Israel and Jordan. As a consequence of the Six-Day War, Israel drove Jordan out of eastern Jerusalem and unified the city once again. Although Jerusalem remains under the control of Israel, it is a major point of contention for Palestinians. Over the years, tentative agreements have been made, but as of 2014, the future of Jerusalem remains unresolved.