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Continental OnePass was the rewards program that offered free tickets, discounted airport lounge memberships and first class upgrades for frequent fliers on Continental Airlines. Members earned miles by flying with Continental Airlines or partner airlines. The OnePass replaced the former frequent flyer program, TravelBank, when Continental merged its program with that of Eastern Airlines in 1981. The name OnePass implied that members were able to earn miles from two airlines by using one program. The program was migrated to United Airlines' MileagePlus program as a result of the airlines merging in 2010.

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Under the OnePass program, fliers earned miles by purchasing fares on Continental flights or by using a Chase rewards credit card. Miles could be redeemed for off-peak flights within the continental United States. The program also conferred additional benefits upon fliers that reached earned miles thresholds.

The program has been discontinued as of 2015, so it is no longer possible to earn rewards. United's MileagePlus program offers many the same benefits of OnePass, such as rewards cards, free checked bags and miles earned for purchasing United fares. They are designated into categories like Silver, Gold and Platinum Elite, and Mileage Plus upgrades are comparable to those of OnePass. However, the program differs in that Mileage Plus miles expire after 18 months of inactivity, whereas OnePass miles never expired. Other differences include the number of miles earned on international trips

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