What Are Continental One Pass Miles, and How Do You Use Them?

OnePass miles were the currency of the Continental Airlines frequent flier program, redeemable for free flights around the globe. Members also received preferential seating on Continental flights. The program was discontinued in December 2011, when the program was merged with United Airlines' MileagePlus program.

Continental joined the Star Alliance, a group of airlines led by United, in 2009, with changes made to both frequent flier programs to prepare for their eventual merger. As of the final merger, MileagePlus had 50 million subscribers, compared to OnePass's 38 million. Each program offered roughly the same rewards and perks, but some differences persisted. For example, OnePass miles never expired, while MileagePlus miles expired after 18 months of inactivity. Some rewards also had different pricing between the two programs.

Individuals with membership in both programs were allowed to link them in the days leading to the merger, with points earned in either program ultimately transferable to the new MileagePlus. Elite members also received VIP access to both airlines' amenities. OnePass members were automatically given MileagePlus accounts when the former service closed down. As of 2015, United continues to offer the revamped MileagePlus service.

Passengers earn MileagePlus miles by flying on United or one of its affiliated carriers, shopping at one of United's partners in a variety of different industries, or purchasing them directly. MileagePlus credit card holders receive exclusive opportunities to earn miles. MileagePlus members may exchange accumulated miles for free air travel, tickets to events and other experiences, shopping, dining and gift cards. They may also donate their points to charity or gift them to other individuals, either as MileagePlus miles or a reward addressed to someone other than the account holder. Complete information is available on United.com.