Does the Connecticut Metro Have a Published Schedule on Its Website?

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority, or MTA, has a published schedule of the Metro-North Railroad, which serves Connecticut and New York, on its website under the "Schedules" page. Users can get various apps that provide schedules for Metro-North Railroad by clicking on "The App Center" on the bottom left corner of the page.

Users can also select the "Metro-North Railroad" link on the top left corner under "Rail" to get schedules for Connecticut bound trains. In addition, the MTA provides real-time arrival and updates that can be accessed on the computer or through a smartphone. Users can click the "Metro-North Railroad Train Time" link located on the bottom right corner of the "Schedules" page for real-time updates. The Metro-North Railroad serves New Haven, Danbury, Waterbury and New Canaan areas of Connecticut, as well as Spring Valley, White Plains, Port Jervis and Poughkeepsie areas of New York among others.