How Do You Find the Confirmation Number for a Hotel Reservation?

Find the confirmation number for a hotel reservation on your account page on the hotel’s website, in an email sent by the reservation team or in an SMS message sent to your phone. As each hotel has its own methods of notifying customers, the exact method depends on the hotel you booked into.

If the hotel requires you to register to the website in order to be eligible for reservations, it is likely that the confirmation number is on your account page. In that case, log into your account, and check for sections about reservations, orders and booking. Walt Disney World hotels keep the confirmation number on a page titled My Reservations in the My Disney Experience section of the website.

Hotels may choose to send the confirmation number to the email address you typed in while placing the reservation. Log into your email account to see the number. Such emails are often automated and may take up to 30 minutes to arrive. For instance, Hyatt hotels send the reservation confirmation numbers via email.

Alternatively, the hotel may send the confirmation number as a text message to your phone number. Similarly to the email notification, messages may take a while to arrive. Marriott sends the confirmation number as a text message if the customer asks for it during reservation.