What Is a Complete List of the 50 US State Capitals?


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A complete list of the 50 US state capitals indicates all the capitals of all the 50 US states. A state capital is the political center of each state and often houses the state government, legislature and governor of the state. A capital is different from "capitol," which means building and not the city.

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A complete list of the state capitals of all 50 US states are available on Geography.about.com and State.1keydata.com. Both sites offer an alphabetical list of all the states and their corresponding capitals. Geography.about.com also provides a mapped version of the United States along with the states' most common nicknames according to color. 1Keydata, on the other hand, provides a link to each state's general information, including state abbreviation, size, motto, flag and area codes. The Nationalmap.gov also provides a viewable and downloadable map of the United States and all of its state capitals.

The capital of each state is not always the largest or most populous city in the state. For example, Sacramento, the capital of the state of California, is the fourth largest metropolitan area and the sixth largest city in the state. New York City may be the most popular city in the state of New York, but it is not the political center of the state but Albany. Most state capitals remain unchanged since 1910, though the state of Oklahoma changed its capital from Guthrie to Oklahoma City in 1913.

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