How Do You Compare Gas Prices Across the United States?


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To compare gas prices across the United States, travelers can visit GasBuddy.com. This website shows the average price of gas in each state. It also shows whether the gas prices are higher or lower, and by what percentage, compared to the last time it was checked.

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GasBuddy.com offers a list of states and shows current gas prices. The list is organized by the state with the cheapest gas prices and moves down to the state with the highest gas prices. Users can click on a state to find gas stations offering that particular price within the state, and they can also pick a state to view its gas prices.

Users can search for a specific city within a state by entering the city name or a ZIP code. The information includes the last time a gas price was recorded at a specific gas station. GasBuddy.com also allows users to view a graph that includes the average cost of gas in the nation over the last 18 months.

A traveler planning a trip can use this website to determine the expected costs of gas throughout the trip, based on the current prices. A traveler can enter the starting point and ending point of the trip, and there are options to include the route information and to determine if the trip is one-way or round-trip.

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