How Does You Compare Different Roadside Assistance Companies?

How Does You Compare Different Roadside Assistance Companies?

An extensive list of roadside service comparisons is available at The site allows users to review ratings for service, coverage, help, support, and extras using a 10-point scoring system. It also shows a price comparison.

Roadside assistance programs are used to help in case of emergency. Plans include such services as tire changes, towing, lock-out assistance, gasoline delivery and dead battery services. The best companies demonstrate their knowledge of good service, and they value loyal customers.

According to, the best company is Allstate Motor Club, which received a gold award from the site. The second best company was Good Sam Roadside assistance, and in third place was BP Motor Club.

In the past, motor clubs such as Better World Club and AAA cornered the market for roadside assistance. However, in recent years, car manufacturers and insurance companies have created competition by providing similar services.

When you need to have roadside assistance available for multiple cars, look for a company that insures individuals instead of a certain car. Doing this allows multiple cars to receive aid from a roadside assistance company instead of just one. If you need to rent a car, you are still covered under this type of program.