What Companies Provide Airport Taxi Service in the San Francisco Bay Area?


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Companies that provide taxi services to airports in the San Francisco Bay Area include Yellow Cab, Luxor Cabs and Airport Taxi Cab Bay Area. Transportation services are also provided through shared shuttle services, like East Bay Shuttle and Super Shuttle.

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Yellow Cab covers all the San Francisco Bay Area airports and offers service to more than 60 cities. Reservations are offered by phone, text message or online and requires a 45 minute notice. Taxis, many of them energy-saving Prius models, are available from satellite offices throughout the area.

Luxor Cabs, based in San Francisco and in business since 1928, has a service area that runs from the Napa Valley in the north to San Jose in the south. The firm offers private tours as well as transportation to Bay Area airports. Luxor operates the largest para-transit fleet in the city and has drivers specially trained to help those with mobility issues.

Airport Taxi Cab Bay Area combines the services of Airport Taxi Cab and Yellow Cab Mountain View to service San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland Airports. It operates out of one dispatch center, with taxis and taxi vans located in cities throughout the Bay Area.

Shuttle services allow customers to share the ride. East Bay Shuttle and Super Shuttle are two of the biggest firms in the Bay Area, serving all major airports, the Port of San Francisco and Amtrak train stations.

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