What Companies Print Maps of the State of Tennessee?


Three companies that print maps of the state of Tennessee are AAA, Rand McNally and DeLorme, as of July 2015. AAA and Rand McNally both sell atlas books that cover the whole country, while DeLorme publishes the "Tennessee Atlas and Gazetteer" as an individual book.

The 2015 "AAA Road Atlas" is available in standard and over-sized print. The atlas covers the United States, Canada and Mexico, with back roads and additional details for many popular national parks and tourist areas. AAA also publishes tour books and campground guides.

Rand McNally's 2016 "Road Atlas" features maps of the United States, Canada and Mexico, as well as mileage charts, detailed maps of major cities and tourist information. Rand McNally also publishes specialized versions of its atlas, such as a large-print copy, a mid-size book and a motor carriers edition.

The "Tennessee Atlas and Gazetteer" by DeLorme offers more detail than the country-wide atlases, with a 1:140,000 scale, shaded relief maps, 150-foot contour intervals, noteworthy land features and an index of place names. The map details include many dirt roads, trailheads, campgrounds and other outdoor recreation features. DeLorme also sells regional box sets, a complete national atlas set and laminated atlases on its website, located at Shop.DeLorme.com.

Some companies, such as Graphic Maps, publish printable maps of Tennessee online. The Graphic Maps website, located at WorldAtlas.com, has several types of Tennessee maps, including topographic, county and colored maps of the state.