What Are Some Companies That Offer Virtual Factory Tours?


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The major car manufacturers Chrysler, Continental Motors and Audi offer virtual factory tours online. Other companies, such as Vermont Soap and Intenza Fitness, also offer online factory tours.

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Chrysler's virtual factory tour takes visitors on a 360-degree tour of the factory that produces the Chrysler 200. Visitors can view the manufacturing process through films and photographs, and they can explore all of the plant's five million square feet. They can also use navigational tools to follow a guided tour using 12 separate videos that each cover different areas, such as the body shop where more than 1,000 robots work to build each car, the laser-brazing area where lasers seal each car's roof and the paint shop. Continental Motor's virtual factory tour takes the form of a short slide-show showing still shots of various car parts and photos with explanatory text showing employees assembling and checking the vehicles. Audi's virtual factory tour shows visitors around the Neckarsulm production plant in Germany.

Intenza Fitness's virtual factory tour features an interactive map showing the step-by-step manufacturing process that produces and ships the company's treadmills, bikes and ellipticals. Visitors hover over each numbered circle on the map to view more information about the stages of production, from receiving the parts to packaging and shipping the end product. Vermont Soap features three short one- to two-minute videos on aspects of soap production.

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