What Companies Offer Pet-Friendly RV Rentals?

Large companies that offer pet-friendly RV rentals include Cruise America, El Monte RV and Camping World. Smaller companies located in major cities include Apollo RV, as recommended by Go Pet Friendly.com, a travel planning website for pet owners.

Although many RV rental companies do not allow pets on board, several do provide options for pet owners. Cruise America is a large company with more than 100 locations nationwide. It allows pets in its rentals, but charges a hefty cleaning fee if the pet makes a mess or sheds in the vehicle.

El Monte RV has pet friendly policies, as it imposes no restrictions on pet size or the number of pets allowed in each vehicle. Its cleaning fee for pet messes is also fairly modest. It has many locations across the country, although most are situated along the coasts.

Camping World offers both RV rentals and sales. It allows pet owners to rent RVs and take their pets along in exchange for a cleaning fee and a refundable deposit. It also sells additional supplies for pets, including inflatable pet beds designed for RV use, pet carriers and pet grooming supplies.

Travelers in western states who can pick up an RV in Denver, Las Vegas, San Francisco or Los Angeles can also opt for Apollo RV. The company allows small dogs. It does not charge a deposit, but does require pet owners to pay a cleaning fee upfront.