What Companies Offer Elder Hostel Tours?

Elderhostel, now called Road Scholar, is an organization that offers tours for older adults all around the world. Interested parties can book tours online at Roadscholar.org.

Since Elderhostel is a company rather than a type of tour, no other companies offer Elderhostel tours. Considered the premier traveling experience for seniors, Elderhostel, or Road Scholar, has expanded to offer tours in all six continents.

Elderhostel was founded by Marty Knowlton after he went on a European walking tour and enjoyed his time in a variety of youth hostels. He wished there were similar tours designed with older people in mind. In 1974, Elderhostel tours began in the state of New Hampshire. Since then, the program has expanded and is now the primary travel option for seniors.

Road Scholar focuses on relaxing sight-seeing activities, such as walking tours, bird-watching, food and wine tastings and visits to natural parks. Like the youth hostels that inspired the idea in the first place, Elderhostel is a highly social program that encourages travelers to do tours together. The social element of travel can be one of the most exciting parts of the adventure for many people, and Elderhostel is ideal for seniors who may not appreciate the culture of the youth hostels otherwise available.