Which Companies Offer Educational Tours for Seniors?

Some companies that offer educational tours for seniors include Elderhostel, Smithsonian Journeys, Grand Circle Travel, Grand European Travels, Collette Vacations and YMT Vacations. Individuals should compare offers from all companies before settling on any in order to pick the most suitable with regards to services and cost.

Elderhostel offers over 8,000 tours in more than 90 countries. This company is dedicated to providing services that ensure all customers have a good time while learning more about the destinations they visit. The company's services are mainly targeted at individuals over the age of 55. Its educational programs include in-depth lectures, field trips with experts, interactions with locals and creative workshops.

Grand Circle Travel is a company that gives its clients the opportunity to travel to multiple destinations across the globe. It mainly targets individuals who are age 50 or older. Visits to local schools, home-hosted meals and language lessons are among the learning programs available.

Grand European Tours caters to the needs of its clients by offering leisurely-paced tours. The company provides headsets to each participant in order to make communication much more effective. In-depth interactions with locals, guided tours, sightseeing excursions and ground transportation are among the services available.