What Companies Make Maps of the Texas' Zip Codes?


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Companies that make ZIP code maps of Texas include MarketMAPS, Swiftmaps and Datasheer. Swiftmaps produces a collection of Texas ZIP code maps. Maps are available for the entire state and for each of 10 regions into which the state is divided. Customers may select digital, paper or laminated versions.

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MarketMAPS makes ZIP code maps of Texas in digital, wall size, folding and map book formats. The Texas ZIP code map shows ZIP code numbers and boundaries, along with city and county names and boundaries for the entire state. Each map features an index and grid locator and plots major state and U.S. highways and routes.

The company also publishes maps that plot ZIP codes for each region, county, metro area or city, as well as maps for each individual ZIP code. Customers may customize any map to meet their needs. Maps feature double-sided 3-millimeter laminate that is compatible with dry-erase markers.

Datasheer sells digital versions of ZIP code maps that customers may download in PDF format and take to a local printer if wanted. The ZIP code map for Texas consists of two 55-inch by 71-inch panels. ZIP code maps for each county are also available. Datasheer products are sold on the company's website, ZIP-Codes.com.

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