What are common stereotypes of Greeks?


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Common stereotypes that are associated with Greeks include being loud, hairy, carefree, smokers and attachment to the opposite sex parent. While these stereotypes do not pertain to all Greeks, they seem to be quite strongly associated with Greeks and have been difficult to shake.

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The Greek culture focuses strongly on socializing, which is part of the reason why being loud is a common stereotype. Whether it be at a bar, a restaurant, or even at a library, it appears as if there are always a few who cannot contain their excitement or keep their voices down.

The common stereotype that Greeks are hairy may have started because ancient Greeks saw growing beards as a sign of virility; however, this is becoming less and less true. More people in Greece shave, and men are becoming just as self-conscious as women in regards to shaving.

The stereotype that Greeks are smokers may not necessarily be untrue. Recent studies have shown that at least 40 percent of all adults in Greece smoke on a daily basis, and an alarming amount of adolescents are picking up the habit as well. In fact, in some areas, as many as one in every two adolescents smoke cigarettes.

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