What Are the Most Common Sites Tourists Visit in Portofino, Italy?

What Are the Most Common Sites Tourists Visit in Portofino, Italy?

According to LiguriaGuide.com, a few of the most common tourist sites in Portofino, Italy, are the Park Sculpture Museum, the Church of San Giorgio and Castello Brown. The main piazza is also a popular destination, boasting many exclusive shops such as Armani and Ferragamo.

Portofino is a small coastal village situated on a peninsula with colorfully painted buildings lining the harbor. It is also part of the Regional Natural Park known for its large promontory and extensive array of flora and fauna. The Park Sculpture Museum makes use of the natural beauty of the town to display modern sculptures created by Italian and international artists.

In addition to the Church of San Giorgio, a small, 12th century church housing the relics of St. George, Portofino is home to the Church of San Martino. San Martino is a striking Romanesque church with a highly decorative interior.

Castello Brown is situated near the top of the promontory. It is mainly a museum and gardens with excellent views of the village and harbor.

The Piazza Martiri dell'Olivietta is the main shopping and dining district of the town. The piazza is open on one end with a view of the harbor. The rest of the piazza is lined with both local and designer shops and numerous cafes and restaurants.